Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing, TAB, was established in Qatar in 2004 and is Qatar based NEBB (National Enviromental Balancing Bureau) certified firm. We are an independent third party company with international memberships. We have been applying the latest NEBB (National Enviromental Balancing Bureau) specifications and procedures in successful projects in the MEP market past 15 years.


  • Testing, adjusting, and balancing

  • Ventilation systems smoke tests and duct leakage tests

  • Staircase pressurization

  • Commissioning management for mechanical and electrical systems

  • Sound and vibration test and analysis

  • Cooling towers performance evaluation

  • Engineering design reviews for electro mechanical projects

  • Control verification

  • O & M Manuals

  • Value engineering

Our key staff has more than 15 years of MEP diversified experience in design, execution, testing, adjusting, balancing and commissioning of major electromechanical projects in the Gulf area.

Our MEP senior staff has more than 10 years of experience in different kinds of projects in Qatar for complete MEP structures with various systems including electrical systems, DG sets, district cooling systems, core and shell projects, variable air volume systems, variable water flow systems, clean rooms (up to clean class of 100), boilers, precision air conditioning systems, chemical gas filtration systems and desiccant dehumidification systems.

Our electrical senior staff has more than 10 years of experience in executing different kinds of projects in Egypt and Qatar with different systems including transformers, generators, MV panels, LV panels, bus ducts, bus bars, cables, SMDB’s, DB’s, earth pits, lightning arrestors, lighting and sockets, low current systems (fire alarms, PA systems, MATV systems, Tel/Data Systems, CCTV systems, BMS systems). Some of the electrical system capacities reach up to 15MVA.

We conduct continuous in-house training and use measuring instruments by TSI and Alnor, two of the most well known American manufacturers for HVAC TAB instruments. We are always capable of meeting the demands to mobilize the required numbers of trained and qualified personnel equipped with adequate instruments and tools to comply with a project execution schedule.


Natural Enviromental Balancing Bureau (NEBB)

NEBB is the premier international certification association for firms that deliver high performance building systems. Building owners and tenants are concerned about the cost-effective performance of the environmental systems within their respective buildings. This "green" goal can be best accomplished by having a building’s environmental system properly tested, balanced and/or commissioned by a NEBB Certified Professional or Technician. NEBB certified firms and their personnel are recognized as highly skilled specialists who are able to measure the efficiency of building systems and provide customized solutions for business owners. NEBB certification is tangible proof of their qualification to perform their work in accordance with NEBB Procedural Standards.